Want To Know More?

Purchasing Urbana Cabinetry for Multifamily Projects:

Q: Where can Urbana Cabinet Co. products be purchased?

A: Urbana is sold exclusively through authorized dealers–a network of cabinet professionals, with the tools to design and sell cabinetry to ensure accuracy.

Q: What is the average cost for Urbana cabinets?

A: Urbana is priced and sold through authorized Urbana retailers. Please contact your local retailer or Contact Us for further information.

Q: Is there available literature about Urbana?

A: All of our product information is accessible on the Urbana Website or at an authorized dealer.

Q: Are sample doors and color chips available for Urbana?

A: Urbana door and color samples can be obtained from an authorized dealer.  Please keep in mind that color sample chips are a representation of the overall finish, it isn’t recommended to order Urbana from a small sample.  Please contact an authorized dealer to view a door sample in the door style, material type and finish color that you are interested in specifying or purchasing.

Q: Is design assistance available for Urbana product?

A: Design assistance for Urbana cabinetry is offered through an authorized Urbana dealer.

Q: Can Urbana cabinetry be customized to project needs?

A: We understand that Architects and Specifiers juggle multiple projects with unique criteria. An authorized dealer can assist with any design details you wish to incorporate, including meeting ADA requirements for multifamily housing projects.